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Siam Meditrade Co., Ltd.: We are one of the Marketing and Distribution Company for Medical Equipments in Thailand since 1994. More than 18 years of our establishment in Thailand, we have recently expanded our distribution lines for the water treatment products to serve both Medical & Industrial sectors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Ion Exchange Resins (Cation & Anion)

The Ion-Exchange Resins that we used are made from Synthetic Polymers in the form of small beads (diameters 1-2 mm.) yellowish color, which are widely used in different production for Seperation, Purification Decontamination process. Mostly are for the Water Softening and Water Purification of high purity water.

Other application: De-alkalisation, (Di) Demineralization, Polishing Mixed Beds, Removal of Heavy Metal and Nitrates. Some industrial sector also use Resins for specific purposes, such as Sugar production (to decolorizing and purify sugar syrups, Juice Purification and Pharmaceuticals wide range applications for catalyzing, isolating, purifying chemicals and active ingredients etc.

Besides the above ranges of applications, Ion Exchange Resins (Cation & Anion) are also used in waste treatment process too.

Resin Classification:
1) Strong Acidic or Strong Acid Cation
2) Weak Acidic or Weak Acid Cation
3) Strong Basic or Strong Base Anion
4) Weak Basic or Weak Base Anion

Packaging for Cation & Anion Resins: The resin are packed into 25 litres / polybag

Ion-Exchange Resins
Ion-Exchange Resins Ion-Exchange Resins

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