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Siam Meditrade Co., Ltd.: We are one of the Marketing and Distribution Company for Medical Equipments in Thailand since 1994. More than 18 years of our establishment in Thailand, we have recently expanded our distribution lines for the water treatment products to serve both Medical & Industrial sectors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Product Description: SIAMTREAT 777 is a cationic coagulant which is designed for water clarification to improve turbidity. It can be used for SDI removal for RO system.

Products Specifications & Characteristics:



Specific Gravity

Pale yellow liquid


1.01 -1.06 g / ml

Products Feature: Very low dosage level. Applicable with wide range of pH. No alkalinity adjustment required.

Application : SIAMTREAT 777 dosage should be on-site optimized. For maximum effectiveness, add dilution water to make 5% solution. Best result are obtained by dispersing feed stream and promoting high turbulence for rapid mixing beyond the application point with in-line mixer. Maximum residence time before the separation process yields improved efficiency.

Packing condition: SIAMTREAT 777 is packed in 30 kgs. Drum


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